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Father and mother visiting the premature baby in the hospital

  • Shad • 30 November 2023

A commendable will and a selfless man: Muhammad's unceasing effort to build a new house

  • Shad • 29 November 2023

Problem after problem: Mohammad's effort to preserve the house they built with love but...

  • Shad • 28 November 2023

Muhammad going to the arms of his children and seeing his sister's family

  • Shad • 24 November 2023

"A gift from Shorom's heart: gifting residential land to the shad family"❤️

  • shorom • 30 November 2023

Life challenges: Grief after returning from the hospital without children

  • Shad • 21 November 2023

Shad "KPANGOGO", Clip officiel

  • SHAD OFFICIEL • 18 November 2023

SHAD - Rose Garden

  • shadkmusic • 27 May 2010

The life of the nomads and the waiting of the working mother from the hospital

  • Shad • 14 September 2023

The wandering nomadic family goes to the neighbor's house in search of food: nomad life

  • Shad • 29 October 2023

When Your Friend Convinces You To Buy A Game Yall Will Never Play

  • Shad Kinda Funny • 29 November 2023

Shopping for the nomadic family and returning to their own home

  • Shad • 09 November 2023

Family empathy and caring for Negar to prevent depression

  • Shad • 26 November 2023

A bitter and tragic event for the Shad family

  • Shad • 11 November 2023

Documentary about the resilience of a pregnant woman and gathering firewood in the mountains #nomad

  • Shad • 27 October 2023

Helping a poor family without a mother in difficult living conditions

  • Shad • 10 November 2023

The miraculous rescue of a pregnant woman with two children in the mountains by a nomadic woman

  • Shad • 28 October 2023

Shad - Black Averageness

  • shadkmusic • 28 September 2021

Taste of tradition: a nomadic energetic gathering and delicious lunch:nomad of iran 2023

  • Shad • 31 October 2023

Fixing the toilet and the pregnant nomad woman falling down the stairs

  • Shad • 04 November 2023

The happiness of the nomadic family with the father, collecting the garbage and cleaning the house

  • Shad • 20 September 2023

Negar went to the hospital to treat childbirth complications and had a delicious lunch

  • Shad • 27 November 2023

Care and maintenance: traditional cooking in nomadic societies🍝🍛

  • Shad • 18 November 2023

"Cooperation and solidarity: baking bread and washing carpets in a nomadic family"

  • Shad • 09 October 2023

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